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Designer and Manufacturer of Caiman Fiberglass Boats
History of Caiman Outdoors
    Caiman Outdoors got its official start as a company in 1999. The boat design itself began several years earlier. Chris Norman, owner and designer of the Caiman Boat line, began working on proto types made of cypress strips. An avid fisherman/sportsman for years, he had a definite idea of how his boat should handle in the water. After experimenting with several designs…and several changes, he was satisfied with his final product. Now came the hard work….starting production of the boats at night and holding down a fulltime job during the week. After the first boat came out of the mold and it was everything he expected, with the blessing of his wife, Carol, who had been his main support during the many months and long hours, he quit his regular job and started his own business.
    The first boats were the one man solid green now known as the Caiman 10. The following year brought the development of the two man Caiman 13 and the camo-colored pattern that is everyone’s favorite. Following shortly, came the new Caiman 13 SPL, a two man boat setup as a one man for those who want and need some extra room without sacrificing mobility.
    Located in Florence SC, Caiman Outdoors has turned out hundreds of boats made to order. If you’re in the market for a sharp-looking personal use boat that handles exceptionally well on the water, the staff at Caiman Outdoors is ready and available to answer all your questions.
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